What is Do Good Week?

In 2020, the Omaha Community Foundation led the final year of Omaha Gives/Pottawattamie Gives. Now, Do Good Week invites all forms of giving, not just cash, over the course of five full, themed days.


SHAREOmaha’s Do Good Week, presented by FNBO, is five days dedicated to meeting the cash needs of nonprofits in our community, as well as volunteer and item needs, followed by a day of celebration, all happening at


To learn more about the end of Omaha Gives click here.

APRIL 19 - 24, 2021

Five days dedicated to meeting a wider variety of needs in our community, followed by a day of celebration.

Mission Monday
April 19, 2021

For #MissionMonday learn about how ILC is welcoming immigrants into our communities by providing high-quality legal services, education, and advocacy, empowering them to live with confidence and free from fear.

New Donor Tuesday
April 20, 2021

For #NewDonorTuesday we hope you’ll give a gift to ILC for the first time. 


Your donation allows our staff to help keep immigrant families together, to help them gain legal status and earn their rights under our laws to work and contribute to our community.

Wish List Wednesday
April 21, 2021

For #WishListWednesday our wish is that you’ll engage with these learning materials about immigration.

April 22, 2021

For #VolunThursday attend our Immigration 101 virtual session hosted by Roxana Cortes-Mills, ILC’s Managing Attorney.


Education is an important part of our mission. Because we operate under a complex immigration system, we strive to provide critical information and training that will help immigrants and those who serve them understand the many complex requirements that take years to complete. 

Fund It Friday
April 23, 2021

For #FundItFriday we ask that you give all you can in support of our mission empowering Nebraskan immigrants to live with confidence and free from fear. 


Your donation supports the most vulnerable persons in our community—victims of domestic abuse, children who are abused or abandoned and persons who have fled persecution in their own countries.

Celebration Saturday April 24, 2021

For #CelebrationSaturday we want to celebrate YOU and your generosity! Thank you for giving your all to ILC and local nonprofits. 


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