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At Immigrant Legal Center + Refugee Empowerment Center, we take a comprehensive approach to care that extends beyond legal support. Our Social Work Team’s focus is on addressing fundamental needs, such as housing, food, transportation, and access to family counseling. By viewing each individual’s challenges within the context of a larger system, we’re able to provide the most effective care possible.



We believe that supporting the entire family is key to an individual’s success. When we alleviate stress for one family member, the entire family benefits. Our team has cultivated connections to community resources that help stabilize families and better prepare them for the immigration process.



Through our efforts, we’ve connected families to over 70 community organizations throughout the state. At ILC + REC, we understand that providing holistic care helps create stronger, more resilient communities.

Proven Success

Our team has proven successful in delivering exceptional legal and social work support to vulnerable immigrant children in Nebraska. Many of the unaccompanied children we serve have experienced trauma, which makes it difficult for them to communicate their case accurately. ILC + REC has integrated social work into our services framework for children, ensuring that every child receives comprehensive care from the very first meeting. Our legal team and social workers work hand in hand, meeting clients’ needs simultaneously to maximize their chances of success. We have already seen the benefits of providing this kind of service.


We believe that social work services go beyond our unaccompanied children program. That’s why we have started to offer these services to immigrant victims of crime, domestic/sexual assault, and human trafficking. By combining social work services with legal services, our clients feel less fear about reporting violence and crime. This collaboration leads to better cooperation with law enforcement agencies and provides immigrant survivors with long-term security. It’s a vital first step towards achieving immigration relief.

Volunteer to help refugees in our community!

Refugees are most successful when communities welcome them and get involved in their integration and support them in becoming self-sufficient.

With so many new arrivals coming, we need everyone to pitch in to help our newest community members be successful! Questions? Email Ali at aostrowski@immigrantlc.org

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