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Interested in volunteering to help immigrants and refugees in Nebraska?

At Immigrant Legal Center + Refugee Empowerment Center, our dedicated volunteers play a pivotal role in empowering and supporting immigrants and refugees in our community. They bring their unique skills, compassion, and commitment to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our newest neighbors.

Why are volunteers important to us? The answer is simple: volunteers are the driving force behind our mission to provide vital services and advocate for the rights of immigrants and refugees. Through their invaluable contributions, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and families seeking a new beginning in our country.

Check out our current volunteer opportunities below!

Make a house a home

Gather a group of 4-10 friends, coworkers, or family to help set up a home for a newly arriving refugee family. You will receive an address and a key to the apartment or home. We will coordinate furnishings from our partner, the Furniture Project (unless you decide to hold your own furniture drive).


Help to make the house a home with your own welcoming touches to the basics provided. If you are interested, you can also buy the first week’s groceries for the family through a pre-made culturally appropriate grocery list.

Co-Sponsorship teams

This opportunity requires a group of 7-10 people who will work with one refugee family for one year post their arrival to Omaha. You will help the family integrate into Nebraska’s rich culture and develop bonds that will last a lifetime.



With the guidance of our program staff, you will help carry out core aspects of the resettlement process, such as school enrollments, medical screenings, and applications for benefits. The group lead will meet weekly with the program staff and the family to discuss upcoming needs.


Groups will raise at least $3,000 to support they family’s basic needs as they resettle.

conversation partner

If you love conversation, this one is for you! Volunteer to meet a client at home or in the community simply to practice English.

Volunteer to help refugees in our community!

Refugees are most successful when communities welcome them and get involved in their integration and support them in becoming self-sufficient.

With so many new arrivals coming, we need everyone to pitch in to help our newest community members be successful! Questions? Email volunteers@refugeeempowerment.org

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