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Education is an important part of our mission. For #WishListWednesday our wish is that you’ll engage with these learning materials about immigration.


The immigrant Learning Center

The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. (ILC) of Malden, MA, is a non profit organization that gives immigrants a voice in three ways: provides free, year-round English classes to immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Boston area, informs Americans about the economic and social contributions of immigrants in our society, and conducts research on the economic contributions of immigrants.

Black Alliance For Just Immigration

BAJI educates and engages African American and black immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social and economic justice.

BAJI provides training and technical assistance to partner organizations to develop leadership skills, works with faith communities to harness their prophetic voice, and initiates vibrant dialogues with African Americans and black immigrants to discover more about race, our diverse identities, racism, migration and globalization.

American Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council’s mission is to “strengthen America by honoring our immigrant history and shaping how Americans think about and act towards immigration now and in the future. 

It’s website provides material on education, law, and policy. 


National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is a national legal advocacy organization in the United States exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of low-income immigrants and their families. 


Its website has information about health care and public benefits, immigration reform, immigration enforcement, workers’ rights, education, and NILC litigation.


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By Angie Cruz

In bright, musical prose, Angie Cruz’s Dominicana is a portrait of the immigrant experience and the timeless coming-of-age story of a young woman finding her voice.

The Good Immigrant: 26 Writers Reflect on America
Edited by Nikesh Shukla & Chimene Suleyman

The Good Immigrant is a head-on account of the modern immigration in America. Twenty-six authors (including Chigozie Obioma, Alexander Chee, Fatimah Asghar, and others) share their stories of immigration in the United States. 

Home Fire: A Novel
By Kamila Shamsie

Home Fire is the story of Isma, a young British Pakistani woman who has served as the matriarch of her family since her mother’s death. 


Isma is offered an opportunity to leave England for the U.S., but even as she escapes, she and her siblings must contend with their father’s troubled past as well as the ramifications of a new man in their collective lives.

by Javier Zamora

Javier Zamora’s Unaccompanied, is a reflection on his own immigration story of crossing the border alone to meet his parents in the U.S. at the age of 9.         





Call Me American: A Memoir
By Abdi Nor Iftin

Abdi Nor Iftin’s reporting on a radicalized Somalia in the mid-2000s gained him international notoriety, but also forced him to flee his homeland and leave his family behind. After a childhood spent idolizing American culture, Iftin faced the adult reality of trying to gain access to the country as an asylum seeker. 


His memoir explores his own experience of the Somali Civil War and his incredible journey to establishing a new and different life in America.

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir
by Thi Bui


Cartoonist and writer Thi Bui starts her illustrated memoir at the beginning: the birth of her son. What follows is a reflection on her own childhood as the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, held up in the light of new parenthood.


 She recounts the many sacrifices (large and small) her parents made for the benefit of her and her siblings and contemplates what love and family really mean.  

Front Desk
By Kelly Yang

Mia Tang is a young girl who manages the front desk at her home, Calivista Motel, where her parents also clean the rooms and hide undocumented immigrants. She also wants to be a writer, even though her mother has doubts about English not being her first language. 


The book follows Mia as she wrestles with the issues surrounding her family’s immigration status and as she discovers how to accomplish her own dreams.

The Only Road
by Alexandra Diaz


In the first of two companion books by Alexandra Diaz, Jaime, a young Guatemalan boy, must leave the dangerous circumstances in his home country behind and start the treacherous journey to the United States. 


Jaime’s story echoes the violent realities facing hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the globe every day. 

Other Words for Home
By Jasmine Warga

This is a middle grade book focused on Jude, a young girl who immigrates with her mother from Syria to America.

Jude navigates the strange newness of a new school, learning a new culture, and establishing a home and identity for herself in Cincinnati.

From North to South/Del Norte Al Sur
by René Laínez
Illustrated by Joe Cepeda



René Laínez’s touching picture book From North to South focuses on one Mexican American family whose matriarch is deported. The story pivots around the insecurity and strain deportations place on families, especially children, and does so with aplomb.


The text is written in Spanish and English and can help begin a dialogue with children facing the uncertainty of parental deportations. 


Movies & Documentaries/Docuseries

Available in theaters & on Apple TV & Amazon


A Korean American family moves to an Arkansas farm in search of its own American dream. Amidst the challenges of this new life in the strange and rugged Ozarks, they discover the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home..

The Sun is also a Star
Available on Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play

The Sun is Also a Star integrates the topic of immigration into a teen romance drama. Natasha is an undocumented immigrant about to be deported with her family to Jamaica. Daniel is falling in love with her. The teens have a short window to navigate family conflicts, their personal differences and an unforgiving immigration system. 

Under The Same Moon
Available on Apple TV & Amazon

In this movie, a child immigrates from Mexico to the United States by himself to rejoin his mother. Along the way, he encounters both people who seek to take advantage of him and people who seek to help him. While told from the perspective of a child, this film deals with some heavier themes and is more appropriate for older kids.

Available on Disney+ & youTube

This Pixar short was designed as a metaphor for the family immigration story of the writer and creator, Edwin Chang. A child and his grandmother live at the bottom of a deep chasm and plan their escape. The grandmother must make sacrifices to ensure her grandson can have a better life. Wind is a fanciful introduction to immigration and children might have to unpack it with an adult in order to grasp the themes.

Living Undocumented Available on Netflix

Eight undocumented families’ fates roller-coast as the United States’ immigration policies are transformed.

I Learn America
Available online



I Learn America is a kid-friendly introduction to five children of immigrants adapting to their new country. The film and its supplemental educational materials prioritizes “youth-led” storytelling. This documentary is aimed at young people but could also be helpful for teachers seeking to better understand and serve their immigrant students. 


Immigration Battle Available on Frontline

This two hour Frontline documentary delves into the policy side of immigration. It aired in 2015, and therefore doesn’t cover many key developments in the immigration landscape since then, but it provides a clear-eyed look at how immigration policy is shaped and settled behind closed doors. Unlike most of the films listed here, it focuses more on the policymakers who shape immigration policy than the immigrants affected by it.

Immigration Nation Available on Netflix




Documentarians embedded within Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) for years to capture this series’ footage. The mechanics of the organization’s enforcement actions are shown from start to finish in stark, sometimes upsetting detail, and the human cost is evident. This series is appropriate for anyone seeking to understand how contemporary immigration practices are carried out.

TV Shows

Little America
Available on Apple TV+

Little America is an underrated slice-of-life anthology series that adapts real stories of American immigrants and their children.

One Day at a time Available on Netflix



One Day at a Time follows the multigenerational family life of Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado). Penelope is a Cuban American veteran nurse who lives with her two teenagers and her bombastic mother Lydia (played by none other than the delightful Rita Moreno).


Kim's Convenience Available on Netflix

Kim’s Convenience depicts the antics that go on at a Toronto grocery store ran by a Korean Canadian family. While it’s a sharp comedy at its core, the series about immigrant life does touch upon difficult family dynamics, particularly Janet and Jung’s struggle with their parents’ traditionalism.

Fresh Off the boat Available on Hulu



Based on food personality Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat features Constance Wu and Randall Park as the Huangs, an offbeat Taiwanese American couple who settle down in Orlando. There, the Huangs hustle hard to run a steakhouse business while raising their three sons.

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