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An Affiliate of the Justice For Our Neighbors Network


Our Mission

The mission of the nonprofit Immigrant Legal Center (ILC) is to welcome immigrants into our communities by providing high-quality legal services, education, and advocacy. 

The Immigrant Legal Center (ILC)—a metro Omaha-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit—is the new name for Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska (JFON-NE), operating in Nebraska and Southwest Iowa since 1999. Under the new name, we remain an affiliate of Justice For Our Neighbors, a network of 17 state chapters offering more than 40 legal clinics for immigration services. Read the latest update to our services and programs in our 2019 Annual Report.

Our Values




Holistic Legal Services

We are Nebraska’s largest immigration legal services nonprofit that employs full-time licensed attorneys and provides legal services for low-income immigrants. ILC is uniquely positioned to take a holistic approach to our clients’ complex, interwoven immigration-related legal needs through our diverse team of specialized professionals. Because all our attorneys specialize in immigration law, they are able to draw on multiple resources that are available for the most complex casework.

Collaborating throughout Nebraska and Iowa

While our headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska, we also have offices in Columbus, Crete, Grand Island, Lexington, Nebraska City, Scottsbluff, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our collaborative partners welcome us to their communities and value the shared prosperity that immigrants provide to our communities. We are grateful for their support.

All people deserve compassion—it’s about our shared humanity. No matter where we were born, we are all human beings and we are all entitled to the same respect. We believe that our country’s approach to immigration should not tear families apart or deny people basic assistance.

We believe in a common sense, practical approach to immigration law, rather than the existing outdated U.S. immigration system. We are committed to serving our clients with integrity and provide a safe place to begin a path to their immigration legal goals.

Memberships for the enhancement of our growing nonprofit

We are proud to be members of the following organizations that provide guidance, information and tools to evaluate and improve our nonprofit management:


Our Clients

Our Clients Receive a 98% Success Rate

In 2019, ILC’s legal team is on track to work more than 4,000 cases for people from 54 countries. More than 73% of our clients were from Mexico and Central America, and 70% were children under the age of 18.

Empowering Immigrants to be Full Participants in the Community

The foundation of our work is to provide immigration legal services in an inclusive and compassionate sense—welcoming and helping immigrants who are often scared and confused by the U.S. legal system, and who cannot afford legal assistance from the private bar. The ultimate goal of the Immigrant Legal Center is to empower immigrants to be full participants in the community by providing access to the justice system.

Serving Everyone, Especially the Most Vulnerable

We serve immigrants of all faiths, races, abilities, and ages, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable:

  • Those living in extreme poverty – 92% of our clients live below 125% of the poverty level
  • Victims fleeing domestic violence – Our attorneys guide victims to safety and aid in the prosecution of their abusers
  • Unaccompanied Minors – Our Attorney of the Day program has ensured that virtually no unaccompanied minor has gone unrepresented in their initial hearings before the Omaha Immigration Court
  • Those who would be persecuted if returned to their countries – We fight to safeguard immigrants from being persecuted due religion, ethnicity, political opinion or other international protected characteristics

Historical Roots

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) started the National Justice For Our Neighbors network in 1999 as a response to the 1996 passage of one of the harshest immigration laws in recent history.


The Immigrant Legal Center (ILC) was founded as Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) with the support of the Nebraska and Iowa Conferences of the Methodist Church.


Legal clinics were started by United Methodist Churches in Omaha, Sioux City, and Des Moines. Attorneys from JFON in Washington, D.C. flew in monthly to supervise the legal clinics and advise the clients. Volunteers coordinated the clinics and conducted the intake interviews.


JFON-NE/ILC became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


In 2011, the board of directors hired an executive director and legal director to grow the organization.


In 2014, JFON-NE staff and board of directors embarked on a strategic plan focused on building capacity to better meet the legal needs of low-income immigrants in Nebraska and southwest Iowa.


Over the years, we found that the name Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska (JFON-NE) didn’t help people to understand exactly what we do. In 2018, Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska changed its name to Immigrant Legal Center (ILC). We chose the name to communicate clearly the nature and scope of our work. We continue our affiliation with the JFON network. While maintaining JFON’s core immigration legal services, ILC added programs and partnerships that reduce barriers to access the justice system for matters related to family law, fair working conditions, and health care. The programs provide an opportunity to test our research and assumptions and clarify our plans. This holistic approach positions us to address the interwoven legal issues that prevent immigrants from fully participating in their communities.

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