Virtual DACA Town Hall


Immigrant Legal Center is currently awaiting the Supreme Court decision on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. While we are still uncertain as to when we will receive the Supreme Court’s decision, we have the following plans for a Virtual Town Hall following the decision:

Day: 5:00 pm Tuesday following the decision (if announced on a Monday) or 5:00 pm Friday following the decision (if announced on Thursday).

Time: approximately 1 hour

Where: Facebook 

How: Live-streamed, also shareable via link, via Facebook, coordinated by ILC


  1. Immigrant Legal Center: Welcome, Explanation of Decision & Its Consequences
  2. ACLU Nebraska: Your Rights, and/or What the Government Can and Cannot Do Right Now
  3. Immigrant Legal Center & Heartland Workers Center: Employment & Working Post-Decision
  4. Heartland Workers Center: Getting and Staying Civically Engaged, or What Can I Do Right Now? (including 2020 Census)
  5. Nebraska Appleseed: Possible Solutions on the Horizon & Advocacy Now
  6. Senator Vargas: Apart but Together in Solidarity and Hope

With six parts and an approximate 1-hour window, each portion will have about 10-minutes. Because our urgent target audience, DACA-recipients, are English-speaking, we’re presenting in English. Because our greater target audience is more language-diverse, we will follow up with a translated resource with all of the information we present at the town hall. ILC can provide that translated resource (likely within a few days of streaming or sooner, as soon as possible with our capacity) in Spanish.

In the meantime, please reference our DACA tool-kit here:

Questions? Please contact Cailan Franz at


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