Take Action: Meatpacking Workers Need Essential Protections and Benefits
Take Action: Meatpacking Workers Need Essential Protections and Benefits


Nebraska communities need critical missing COVID-19 protections for meat and poultry workers without delay. Our families’ health, community health, and continued food production are at risk, as highlighted by growing numbers of COVID-19 outbreaks and meat and poultry plant closures across our state and the country.

Friends and family working in the plants are still standing elbow-to-elbow on fast-paced production lines and describe:

  •  “We are working elbow to elbow—that’s why we are getting infected.” :
  • “[JBS] supervisors are telling people that even if they are positive they can go to work, to keep it on the DL. And to not say anything or they will get fired. An employee [said] her father works there and he was positive and they told him to come to work.” 
  • “What purpose does distancing serve as you check-in if when you punch in you’re working elbow to elbow?” 
  • “Tyson started their precautions late and they are still obligating workers to go to work regardless if they are ill.”

Use this form below to be connected with Governor Ricketts by phone to speak or leave a voice. You will also be able to send an email and tweet.  Urge him to ensure all plants institute critical 6-foot distancing on the processing line as well as other critical protections. We can keep Nebraska’s workers and communities safe while food production continues.


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