Immigrant Legal Center Bills for Support 107th Legislature


Immigrant Legal Center is excited to extend our support to the following bills empowering all Nebraskans to work with confidence.

LB 298

Introduced by: Sen. Mike McDonnell

Summary: Legislature Bill 298 would change Nebraska code by adding language from federal law that establishes that states can provide unemployment insurance access to individuals like DACA-recipients, who do not fall under the category of “qualified alien,” by simply declaring their inclusion. Under LB 298, immigrants would have to prove they were authorized to work when they earned the unemployment benefits and when they collected them.


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LB 241

Introduced by: Sen. Tony Vargas

Summary: LB241 provides enforceable COVID-19 safety standards for meatpacking employees. These safety standards include provision and use of face masks, COVID-10 testing, and other measures consistently recommended by the CDC as best practices for maintaining health during the pandemic.


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LB 441

Summary: LB441 provides workers compensation for otherwise qualified front-line essential workers whose employment is affected by COVID-19.


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