Know Your Rights card
Know Your Rights


Know Your Rights

Every person in the United States is entitled to certain rights and protections afforded by the U.S. Constitution.  It matters not whether you are documented or undocumented.  It is important to know what those rights are, to use them, and to contact an attorney or DOJ accredited representative to discover whether there are any immigration forms of relief available for you.

Conozca Sus Derechos

Toda persona en los Estados Unidos tiene derecho a ciertos derechos y protecciones otorgados por la Constitución de los Estados Unidos.  No importa si usted es ciudadano o indocumentado. Es importante saber cuáles son esos derechos, usarlos y ponerse en contacto con un abogado o con un representante acreditado de DOJ para investigar si hay alguna forma de alivio de inmigración para usted.   

Download a printable copy of the Red Card and carry it with you:

Learn much more about your rights in our Rights and Planning Guide


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Protect Immigrant Kids

Every donation we receive goes directly to providing resources for children and their families, and more. 

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