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Your American Dream

Uncategorized | August 7, 2019

Most of us are familiar with the “American Dream” family roots narrative (whether it’s your own or that you’ve heard patriotically boasted) along the lines, “When my grandfather came to the United States, he only had $5 in his pocket!” Current and upcoming policy, however, makes new strides in denying the pride and possibility of this narrative. The State Department considers the likelihood that applicants will become a “public charge” when deciding whether to grant visas. Because relevant statutes do not define “public charge,” however, this factor’s interpretation varies per administration, and today it’s being used to reject more petitions than ever before. The Trump Administration has engaged in the most expansive interpretation of “public charge,” and it used this finding to reject 12,973 otherwise completely eligible immigrants last year. This whopping total dwarf the 3,209 such rejections in 2017 and 1,033 in 2016. Perhaps more troubling than their spike is the way these rejections are significantly prominent among applicants from certain countries of origin. Check out the following article to learn more about this troubling trend.


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