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“Mass Deportations” Delayed

Advocacy | June 23, 2019

Since the Administration’s last announced intention to begin mass deportations this weekend, we at the ILC have sympathetically prepared for the worst. Now that the President has apparently delayed the action, we join the community in a collective sigh of relief. However, a delay of two weeks seems unreasonable for Congress to craft a solution to immigration reform. 

Know Your Rights

While we are relieved that the sweeps are on hold, we remain aware of how quickly the situation could change. We are deeply concerned by how much fear is fostered by the current storm of uncertainty and malicious policy crafting. We at ILC continue to urge those in fear to learn your rights as immigrants and to prepare for possible law enforcement procedures (see our Resources section).

You Can Advocate for Immigrant Rights

These next two weeks present an especially critical time and important opportunity to contact our congresspeople and urge them to craft sensible, humane legislation. Turning to the greater community at large, we implore our neighbors to contact their legislators to urge for humane policies instead of those that foster fear at and
We thank everyone for your support in these times.  
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