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An Affiliate of the Justice For Our Neighbors Network

Food Truck World Tour


You Helped Us Raise $239,000!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus

Our fifth annual Food Truck World Tour surpassed our expectations!  We entertained more than 500 guests and raised $239,000 — $36,000 of that amount was raised in only five short minutes during our Gifts from the Heart appeal.

Attendees enjoyed an evening of ethnic, mouth-watering food and lively performances. Our venue allowed plenty of space for all to mingle and enjoy friends and family. The food trucks were outside with a tent to protect guests from potentially too much sun or a bit of rain.  The bars, tables, and entertainment were inside the huge glass-walled room with Coneflower Creamery ice cream and Rico Pan cupcakes.

Outstanding Event Leadership

Food Truck World Tour’s honorary event chairs, Kristin Williams & Roxanne Wiles, described their thoughts on the event:

The most fun event of all the events of Omaha. We are so proud to support Immigrant Legal Center because of all the work   that they do to help immigrants get their legal needs met. – Kristen Williams

We are just so excited to be a part of this event because it’s good work – it’s the right work, our country needs this work, and the world needs this work. Where else would you rather be? We’re on the right side of history. We’re so excited to be doing this and having this event, which is such a success this year. – Roxanne Wiles

Host Committee Co-Chairs were Esther Mejia & Jeneen Sagon and Ryan Ellis & Jonathan Taylor. We at ILC are tremendously lucky to have such a dedicated leadership team for this event. We couldn’t imagine a more successful and fun night without them!

We appreciate your support for this event.

Event Leadership

Host Committee Co-Chairs Ryan Ellis & Jonathan Taylor, Honorary Event Chairs Kristin Williams
& Roxanne Wiles, and Host Committee Co-Chairs Esther Mejia & Jeneen Sagon.

Host Committee Members

Dana & Josh Bartee | Beth & Jonathan Benjamin Alvarado | Laura & Greg Chambers | Maria Fernandez | Valeria & Washington Garcia | Kellee & Charlie Grimes | Senator Megan Hunt | Andrea Kathol | Melinda & Emil Kozel | Susan and Mike Lebens | Tulani & Othello Meadows | Emily & Craig Moody | Mary & Jay Palu | Denise & Hobson Powell | Athena Ramos & Jose Sanchez | Angela Reding & Bryan Hill | Polina & Bob Schlott | Debra Schrampfer & Sherrie Campbell | Dulce & Allen Sherman | Betiana & Todd Simon | Annette & Paul Smith | Magan & Tim Smith | Maria Vazquez | Roberta Wilhelm & Vic Gutman

Sponsors & Donors


Susan & Mike Lebens Annette & Paul Smith
Betiana & Todd Simon Polina & Bob Schlott






Timothy & Joanna Holland
Kristin Williams & Roxanne Wiles



E Creative
Vic Gutman & Associates
McCarthy Capital
Mutual of Omaha



Laura & Michael Alley


Baird Holm

Boyd Jones

Daniel & Esther Brabec

Creighton University

Ryan Ellis/PJ Morgan

Field Day Development

Susie & Bert Hancock

Kiewit Companies Foundation

Kutak Rock/ Gretchen & Jack McGill


Lamp Rynearson, Inc.

Mike & Maggie McMeekin



OPS Foundation

Denise & Hobson Powell

Debra Schrampfer & Sherrie Campbell

Slosberg Family Charitable Trust

Joan Squires


Mary Anne & Pete Tulipana



Alley Poyner Machietto Architecture


Bay Family Foundation


Laura & Greg Chambers

Catering Creations

Karen & Robert Duncan

First National Bank

Abbie Raikes & Adam Gouttierre

Diane Greenfield

John Knape & Gay DeWester

Emily & Craig Moody/Verdis Group

Robin & Aaron Shaddy

Susanne Shore

Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner Inc.


We are grateful to have such an enthusiastic leadership team and sponsors support Immigrant Legal Center. Together, we brought a fun evening to the Omaha community while helping vulnerable immigrant families.

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