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Food Truck World Tour 2018 raised $200,000

Events | September 27, 2018

A successful night in support of Immigrant Legal Center

Our fourth annual Food Truck World Tour hit a new record!  We entertained 500 guests and raised $200,000!


See photos below


Supporters enjoyed an evening of fantastic food and lively performances. The weather was perfect with a soft breeze to step outside for drinks and entrées from the food trucks. Our event inside the newly renovated Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology (CAET) building at Metro Community College’s Fort Omaha campus allowed plenty of space for our 500+ guests to mingle and enjoy friends and family.

The food trucks provided outstanding menus.


Delicious options were available from MARIA Bonita Mexican Cuisine, Chaima African Cuisine, Dante Pizzeria Napoletana, El Arepon Venezuela Food, and Omaha Steaks. The lines at every truck were long, but the food was served quickly.

Guests gathered inside to view cultural performances by talented groups Lunaris Dance GroupFlamenco Omaha, and Chrysalis Belly Dancers. Their colorful and lively outfits captured everyone’s eyes as they danced on our stage.

Thanks to the Metropolitan Community College Fort Omaha Campus, valet parking and shuttle services were available for guests. Parking lots were filled all around campus!

Thanks to MCC’s Professor Luan Matthies’ graphic design class for creating artwork for our backdrop photo wall – Kiana Ballinger, Robert Forsman, Joshua Guerrero, and Dillon Hingtgen.

Immigrant Legal Center’s Executive Director, Emiliano Lerda, expressed appreciation for the support:

Every strong nonprofit organization needs to have great community support.  Last night, we were humbled and moved by the tremendous amount of encouragement and generosity we received from our Honorary Chairs Betiana and Todd Simon; our Host Committee Co-chairs Emily & Craig Moody and Denise & Hobsen Powell; all the members of our Host Committee; and everyone who was in attendance.

We are tremendously lucky to have such a dedicated leadership team for this event. We couldn’t imagine a more successful and fun night without them.

Thanks to our Food Truck World Tour Leadership!


Honorary Event Chairs
Betiana & Todd Simon

Host Committee Co-Hosts
Denise & Hobson Powell
Emily & Craig Moody

Host Committee Members


Dana & Josh Bartee
Beth & Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado
Arike & Dele Davies
Shonna Dorsey
Ryan Ellis & Jonathan Taylor
Maria Fernandez
Valeria & Washington Garcia
Alma & Wilbert Gilbert
Kellee & Charlie Grimes
Roberta Wilhelm & Vic Gutman
Heike & Adam Langdon
Susan & Mike Lebens

Tulani & Othello Meadows
Esther Mejia & Jeneen Sagon
Mary & Jay Palu
Athena Ramos & Jose Sanchez
Christine & Jaymes Salestrom
Polina & Bob Schlott
Magan & Tim Smith
Jill Thomsen & Mike Rogers
Sofia Jawed-Wessel & Dustin Wessel

See our Sponsors Signage.

Photography by Debra S. Kaplan.

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